oh yeah i should totally mention this

i started a half-life left’s play! you should probably check it out if you want to see me fail at this game. 

that link leads you to the playlist. 

KiT Plays | Terraria | Episode 01 - Hello!

Hey, guys, heeey! A new series went up today. Hope y’all enjoy!

KiT Plays | Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone | Episode 1 - Flippendo

I forgot to mention this but I totally started a new series yesterday. It’s an old game and some may call it ‘childish’ but I mean come on. This was such an important series for me as a kid, and I’m sure many of you agree.

KiT & Hex Go Cavesploring | Episode 01

eyyy i’m just going to leave this link here! (new series!)


just an fyi: i haven’t bothered updating here when i upload a video, but i do upload almost every day. so i may seem inactive here, but i assure you i’m not inactive on youtube.

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